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Watercolor, framed

Matted Image: 19 1/4 x 25 1/4 in.

Painting of steamboat with people gathered in front, painted stylistically. On back, five labels: First label is clear label with "Steamboat" along with artist's name and watercolor typed on it. Second label is wall label from an exhibit, listing artist's name along with "American, 1926" followed by title of "Steamboat" and date of 1998, watercolor, and "Loan from the artist" typed. Third label reads "Cape Museum of Fine Arts CMFA." Fourth label lists artist's education, awards, exhibitions, collections, etc. Fifth label contains list of four awards, written in calligraphy, and including the Ogden & Mary Pleissner Award - American W.C. Society 1998, RJWS Findley Award 1998 National Watermedia Competition, Connecticut W.C. Society Award 1998, and the Don & Eillen Berets Award Marine Art, Stamford 1999. Original frame, gold with some imperfections.

J.A. Neff AWS ASMA, signed lower right.